_For Hire

This freelancer is, once again, for hire

I’ve finally found some time to update my portfolio page…which can only mean one thing – I’m getting towards the bottom of my recent workload at last! It’s been a VERY busy 12 months but I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of great digital media agencies – some old acquaintances, and some new ones who I hope to do work with again in the future.

Although it’s a fantastic experience, moonlighting for other agencies means I can’t show you what I’ve been working on, but it ranged from some very challenging WordPress websites (including e-commerce, custom themes and a number of custom plug-ins), some fairly complex Laravel-based work and even a couple of Drupal ones thrown in for good measure.

Equally exciting, I’m nearly ready to launch my own WordPress plug-in. I’ll update you on that soon.

Now it’s time to rest my eyes!

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