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No Frills Prize Draw WordPress Plugin

More WordPress plug-in work again :).  Following on from a recent project I realised there is a need for a decent, customisable WordPress plug-in that can handle prize draws. There are a very limited number of plug-ins available based on this (and none of them hit the target for me) so I ended up developing a bespoke system that caters for more than one type of prize draw.

The most important aspect of a prize-draw system is that it is flexible. Some competitions require a one-word answer, some require multiple choice options, while others are simple prize draw entries without the need to answer a question correctly. Similarly a prize draw may not require a CORRECT answer, merely an answer of some sort. Some competitions have an end date whereas others may not.

Attention must also be paid to the accessibility of the project – can a user, for example, enter a prize draw if they are not a registered member? Do they need to read and accept terms and conditions? Can they opt in to marketing? etc etc.

Finally the user detail requirements may change from one competition to another – perhaps the competition requires an address? All of these details must be flexible in order to cover a wide range of competition types.

As with my previous plug-ins I have provided a free, light version called No Frills Prize Draw (www.jamestibbles.co.uk/no-frills-prize-draw/) and a more extensive, advanced version called No Frills Prize Draw Pro (www.jamestibbles.co.uk/no-frills-prize-draw-pro/).

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