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WP Business Directory in Beta stage

WP Business Directory Pro is a great Business Directory plug-in for WordPress. It’s easy to use, highly customisable and can be themed/skinned to suit any website.

The plugin has now reached BETA stage, which means a small number of willing participants are testing the plugin out for themselves. Hopefully any bug fixes will be completed very shortly and I hope for a full launch in November 2017.

There has been some fantastic responses to the plugin so far, with many people already signing up for a copy. As such I have developed a dedicated website for WPBDP customers at www.wpbusinessdirectorypro.com. Here customers will be able to download the plugin, view support and help, contact me directly and (eventually) download new themes for the plugin.

With the ability to customise the way in which the front-end of the plugin works, this opens the door to the prospect of new themes being constantly developed. I am therefore on the lookout for great designers who are willing to make their own themes for the plugin. These can be free to download or, if they wish, downloadable at a small price. This is a new avenue of development for me but it’s one that will ultimately benefit my customers and keep the plugin looking fresh.

WP Business Directory Pro

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