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Feature List

  • Create Testimonials / Reviews with Ratings quickly and easily
  • 100% Free (Pro version available with additional features)
  • Customise the style using simple template files
  • Email address is optional by default (assists with GDPR)
  • Moderate / remove submitted testimonials via the admin area
  • Compatible with WordPress translation system
  • Can be used on any of your WordPress websites
  • PHP7 Compatible


An easy to use testimonials / reviews & ratings plugin.

WP Ultimate Reviews (free) uses shortcodes to display your reviews, an average rating and the submission form.

Administrators can edit the content and name of a review, and all submitted reviews must be moderated before they are visible.
Administrators can also add new reviews manually – choose the page or product the review is aimed at, add a name, email (optional), star rating (out of 5) and write the review.

Edit the design using the template pages or make minor amends using your theme’s own CSS file.

This is the free version. The PRO version allows multiple review types and works with Schema.org and Microdata to provide Google compatible reviews. CLICK HERE to view the PRO version now.

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This is superb!
Mr A Test
Lets your users create reviews. All reviews are moderated first.

Display as many reviews as you want, and display the average rating - it's all optional 🙂
Wow - this review plugin is SO easy to use!

And it's free??


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Customisation Available

Custom modifications for this plug-in are available on request.
Please email me for further information.

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