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No Frills Gallery

For a recent WordPress project I was required to create a simple gallery that could be viewed in various areas of the client’s website as both a photo album and a slideshow. WordPress has a number of plug-ins that can provide some or most of this request, however I was surprised to learn that these plug-ins were either too complex, too rigid or too expensive. There was no plug-in that kept the process simple, customisable and easily themed. After spending a number of hours researching all the available plug-ins I decided I was going to need to develop a bespoke plug-in myself.

I was happy with the result: an incredibly easy to use gallery and slideshow generator that can be slotted in to any part of a WordPress website (thanks to it’s use of customisable shortcodes), and very little styling allows for quick and easy CSS overriding directly from my main theme’s CSS file.

Since developing the plug-in I’ve re-used it for a number of other projects, and now I’m happy to announce that it has been accepted as an official WordPress plug-in.

You can get the plug-in on the official WordPress plug-in page or read more about it HERE

I have also released a PRO version that provides additional features including multiple galleries/albums, photo description textfields and much more. You can read more about this HERE.

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